Select your AST computer,AST laptop notebook or AST Motherboard manufacturer model to get specification and configuration information. Find Specs and Reviews for AST Computers & Laptops.
Configurations and Specification information of AST computers and laptop notebooks motherboards and more.
  AST Advantage 6000p/60
  AST Advantage 6000p/75
  AST Advantage 610
  AST Advantage 611
  AST Advantage 612
  AST Advantage 614
  AST Advantage 626
  AST Advantage 628
  AST Advantage 8000p/100
  AST Advantage 8000p/90
  AST Advantage 810
  AST Advantage 811
  AST Advantage 812
  AST Advantage 814
  AST Advantage 816
  AST Advantage 818
  AST Advantage 823
  AST Advantage 824
  AST Advantage 826
  AST Advantage 826E
  AST Advantage 828
  AST Advantage 9303
  AST Advantage 9308
  AST Advantage! 386SX/20
  AST Advantage! 386SX/25
  AST Advantage! Adventure
  AST Advantage! Explorer 486SX/25 TFT, STN, Mono
  AST Advantage! Plus 486DX/33
  AST Advantage! Plus 486DX2-50
  AST Advantage! Plus 486DX2-66
  AST Advantage! Pro 386SX/25
  AST Advantage! Pro 486DX/33
  AST Advantage! Pro 486SX/25
  AST Ascentia 800N 4/33
  AST Ascentia 800N 4/50
  AST Ascentia 810N 4/66
  AST Ascentia 900N 4/50
  AST Ascentia 900N 4/75
  AST Ascentia 910N 4/50
  AST Ascentia 910N 4/75
  AST Ascentia 950N P/120
  AST Ascentia 950N P/75
  AST Ascentia 950N P/90
  AST Ascentia A40
  AST Ascentia A41
  AST Ascentia A42
  AST Ascentia A43
  AST Ascentia A51
  AST Ascentia A60 Plus
  AST Ascentia A70 Plus
  AST Ascentia J10
  AST Ascentia J20
  AST Ascentia J30
  AST Ascentia J50
  AST Ascentia J55
  AST Ascentia M 5130S
  AST Ascentia M 5130T
  AST Ascentia M 5150T
  AST Ascentia M 5160T
  AST Ascentia M 5200T
  AST Ascentia M 5200X
  AST Ascentia M 5230X
  AST Ascentia M 5260X
  AST Ascentia M 6233T
  AST Ascentia M 6266T, 6266X
  AST Ascentia M 6300X, 6300XV
  AST Ascentia P30
  AST Ascentia P50
  AST Ascentia P70
  AST Ascentia P80
  AST Ascentia PS 400c
  AST Ascentia PS 450
  AST Ascentia PS 466c
  AST Ascentia PS 500
  AST Ascentia SN6260T
  AST Ascentia SN6300T
  AST Bravo 286/12
  AST Bravo 286/16
  AST Bravo 286/8
  AST Bravo 3/25s
  AST Bravo 3/33s
  AST Bravo 350MX
  AST Bravo 350PS
  AST Bravo 386SX/16
  AST Bravo 386SX/20
  AST Bravo 386SX/25
  AST Bravo 400MX
  AST Bravo 400MXC
  AST Bravo 400PS
  AST Bravo 400PXC
  AST Bravo 450MX
  AST Bravo 450MXE
  AST Bravo 450PS
  AST Bravo 500MXE
  AST Bravo 500PS
  AST Bravo EL 6233
  AST Bravo EL 6266
  AST Bravo LC (II) 4/25s
  AST Bravo LC (II) 4/33
  AST Bravo LC (II) 4/33s
  AST Bravo LC (II) 4/50d
  AST Bravo LC (II) 4/66d
  AST Bravo LC (III) 4/25s
  AST Bravo LC (III) 4/33d
  AST Bravo LC (III) 4/33s
  AST Bravo LC (III) 4/50d
  AST Bravo LC (III) 4/66d
  AST Bravo LC 4/25s (500943-00n)
  AST Bravo LC 4/33 (500944-00n)
  AST Bravo LC 4/33s (501124-00n)
  AST Bravo LC 4/50d (500955-00n)
  AST Bravo LC 4/66d (501116-00n)
  AST Bravo LC 5100
  AST Bravo LC 5133
  AST Bravo LC 5166
  AST Bravo LC 5166M
  AST Bravo LC 5200
  AST Bravo LC 5200M
  AST Bravo LC DX4/100
  AST Bravo LC P/100
  AST Bravo LC P/75
  AST Bravo LP 4/25s
  AST Bravo LP 4/33
  AST Bravo LP 4/50s
  AST Bravo LP 4/66d
  AST Bravo MS 4/100
  AST Bravo MS 4/100t
  AST Bravo MS 4/33s
  AST Bravo MS 4/50s
  AST Bravo MS 4/60
  AST Bravo MS 4/66d
  AST Bravo MS 4/90
  AST Bravo MS 5100
  AST Bravo MS 5133
  AST Bravo MS 5166
  AST Bravo MS 5166M
  AST Bravo MS 5200
  AST Bravo MS 5200M
  AST Bravo MS 5233M
  AST Bravo MS 6233
  AST Bravo MS 6266
  AST Bravo MS 6300
  AST Bravo MS 6333
  AST Bravo MS 8350
  AST Bravo MS 8400
  AST Bravo MS P/100
  AST Bravo MS P/120
  AST Bravo MS P/133
  AST Bravo MS P/60
  AST Bravo MS P/75
  AST Bravo MS P/90
  AST Bravo MS-L 4/66d
  AST Bravo MS-L P/90
  AST Bravo MS-T 4/66d
  AST Bravo MS-T 5100
  AST Bravo MS-T 5133
  AST Bravo MS-T 5166
  AST Bravo MS-T 6150
  AST Bravo MS-T P/100
  AST Bravo MS-T P/120
  AST Bravo MS-T P/133
  AST Bravo MS-T P/166
  AST Bravo MS-T P/90
  AST Bravo MS-T Pro 6180
  AST Bravo MS-T Pro 6200
  AST Bravo MT 4/33
  AST Bravo MT 4/66d
  AST Bravo MT P/60
  AST Bravo MT P/75
  AST Bravo MX 550
  AST Bravo NB
  AST Manhattan Commerce Pro
  AST Manhattan G
  AST Manhattan S
  AST Manhattan S 6200
  AST Manhattan SMP
  AST Manhattan V
  AST Power Premium 3/33
  AST Power Premium 4/33
  AST Power Premium 4/33s
  AST Power Premium 4/50d
  AST Power Premium 4/66d
  AST PowerExec 3/25SL
  AST PowerExec 3/25SL-C
  AST PowerExec 4/25SL
  AST PowerExec 4/25SL Color
  AST PowerExec 4/25SL ColorPlus
  AST PowerExec 4/25SL Special Edition
  AST PowerExec 4/33SL
  AST PowerExec EL
  AST Premium 2000 500
  AST Premium 2000 550
  AST Premium 2000 600
  AST Premium 2000 650
  AST Premium 2000 700
  AST Premium 286/12
  AST Premium 286/8
  AST Premium 386
  AST Premium 386/25
  AST Premium 386/33
  AST Premium 386/33T
  AST Premium 386/33TE
  AST Premium 386C
  AST Premium 486/25
  AST Premium 486/25E
  AST Premium 486/25TE
  AST Premium 486/33
  AST Premium 486/33E
  AST Premium 486/33TE
  AST Premium Exec 286/12
  AST Premium Exec 386SX/20
  AST Premium Exec 386SX/25
  AST Premium Exec 386SX/25C
  AST Premium GS 6233
  AST Premium GS 6266
  AST Premium GS 6350
  AST Premium GS 6400
  AST Premium HS
  AST Premium II 386/25
  AST Premium II 386/33
  AST Premium II 486/33
  AST Premium II 486SX/20
  AST Premium Server SE 4/33
  AST Premmia 4/33
  AST Premmia 4/33s
  AST Premmia 4/50d
  AST Premmia 4/66d
  AST Premmia GL 400
  AST Premmia GL 466
  AST Premmia GL 500
  AST Premmia GX P/100
  AST Premmia GX P/133
  AST Premmia GX P/90
  AST Premmia LX P/60
  AST Premmia MTE 4/33
  AST Premmia MTE 4/66d
  AST Premmia MTE P/60
  AST Premmia MX 4/100t
  AST Premmia MX 4/66d
  AST Premmia MX P/60
  AST Premmia MX P/75
  AST Premmia P/60
  AST Premmia PS 450
  AST Premmia PS 500
  AST Premmia PS 550
  AST Premmia PS 600
  AST Premmia SE 4/33
  AST Premmia SE 4/66d
  AST Premmia SE P/60


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