Select your Ergo computer,Ergo laptop notebook or Ergo Motherboard manufacturer model to get specification and configuration information. Find Specs and Reviews for Ergo Computers & Laptops.
Configurations and Specification information of Ergo computers and laptop notebooks motherboards and more.
  Ergo BigScreen 3
  Ergo BigScreen 4
  Ergo BigScreen NoteBrick 486 Notebook
  Ergo Brick PC 400c
  Ergo Brick PC 433c
  Ergo Brick PC 466c
  Ergo Brick PC 500c
  Ergo Brick PC FM 400c
  Ergo Brick PC FM 433c
  Ergo Brick PC FM 466c
  Ergo Brick PC FM 500c
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 500c
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 600c
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 650
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 700c
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 733
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 800
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 800c
  Ergo DeskBrick Slim 866
  Ergo Elite2 400c
  Ergo Elite2 450
  Ergo Elite2 500
  Ergo Elite2 500c
  Ergo Elite2 600
  Ergo Elite2 650
  Ergo Elite2 700
  Ergo Elite2 750
  Ergo Mercury 1.0G
  Ergo Mercury 550
  Ergo Mercury 550c
  Ergo Mercury 600
  Ergo Mercury 600c
  Ergo Mercury 650
  Ergo Mercury 650c
  Ergo Mercury 700
  Ergo Mercury 700c
  Ergo Mercury 750
  Ergo Mercury 800
  Ergo Mercury 850
  Ergo MicroLite 500
  Ergo MicroLite 600
  Ergo MicroLite 650
  Ergo MicroLite 700
  Ergo MiniBook-2 400
  Ergo MiniBook-2 400c
  Ergo MiniBook-2 450
  Ergo MiniBook-2 500
  Ergo NoteBrick5 400
  Ergo NoteBrick5 475
  Ergo PowerBrick 4
  Ergo SpeedBrick 600
  Ergo SpeedBrick 750
  Ergo ThunderBrick2 500
  Ergo ThunderBrick2 550


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