Select your Intergraph computer,Intergraph laptop notebook or Intergraph Motherboard manufacturer model to get specification and configuration information. Find Specs and Reviews for Intergraph Computers & Laptops.
Configurations and Specification information of Intergraph computers and laptop notebooks motherboards and more.
  Intergraph ExtremeZ 2D Graphics Workstation
  Intergraph ExtremeZ GL2 ViZual Workstation
  Intergraph Interserve 75
  Intergraph Interserve 800SL
  Intergraph Interserve 800SLR
  Intergraph Interserve 80SL
  Intergraph Interserve 80SLR
  Intergraph Interserve 90 550
  Intergraph Interserve 90 600
  Intergraph Interserve 90 700
  Intergraph Interserve 9000
  Intergraph LSTD-R Workstation
  Intergraph TD-100
  Intergraph TD-100 PII
  Intergraph TD-220 180
  Intergraph TD-220 200
  Intergraph TD-225B
  Intergraph TD-25
  Intergraph TD-250
  Intergraph TD-25B
  Intergraph TD-260
  Intergraph TD-410
  Intergraph TD-R 2030N
  Intergraph TD-R 3000
  Intergraph TDZ 2000 GL2
  Intergraph TDZ 2000 GX1
  Intergraph TDZ 2000 ViZual Workstation
  Intergraph Zx1 Server 600
  Intergraph Zx1 Server 700
  Intergraph Zx1 ViZual Workstation 600
  Intergraph Zx1 ViZual Workstation 700
  Intergraph Zx1 ViZual Workstation 750
  Intergraph Zx10 H-A Server 733
  Intergraph Zx10 H-A Server 800EB
  Intergraph Zx10 Server 733
  Intergraph Zx10 Server 750
  Intergraph Zx10 Server 800
  Intergraph Zx10 Server 800EB
  Intergraph Zx10 Server 850
  Intergraph Zx10 Server 866
  Intergraph Zx10 VE Workstation 733
  Intergraph Zx10 VE Workstation 800EB
  Intergraph Zx10 VE Workstation 866
  Intergraph Zx10 VE Workstation 933
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 733
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 750
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 800
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 800EB
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 850
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 866
  Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation 933


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