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Configurations and Specification information of Shuttle computers and laptop notebooks motherboards and more.
  Shuttle AB30/AB30R
  Shuttle AB40/AB40R
  Shuttle AB45
  Shuttle AB48/AB48N
  Shuttle AB48P/N Motherboard (DDR-266MHz)
  Shuttle AB48P/N Motherboard (DDR-333MHz)
  Shuttle AB48P/N Motherboard (DDR-400MHz)
  Shuttle AB48PN
  Shuttle AB49N
  Shuttle AB52
  Shuttle AB52P
  Shuttle AB60/N Motherboard (DDR-266MHz)
  Shuttle AB60/N Motherboard (DDR-333MHz)
  Shuttle AB60/N Motherboard (DDR-400MHz)
  Shuttle AB60N/AB60R
  Shuttle AB60P/AB60PN
  Shuttle AB61
  Shuttle AC11
  Shuttle AE14
  Shuttle AE22
  Shuttle AE23
  Shuttle AE25
  Shuttle AK10
  Shuttle AK11
  Shuttle AK12
  Shuttle AK12A
  Shuttle AK21
  Shuttle AK31
  Shuttle AK32
  Shuttle AK322 (AK32L)
  Shuttle AK32A
  Shuttle AK32E
  Shuttle AK32V/N
  Shuttle AK35GT/AK35GTR
  Shuttle AK35GT2/AK35GT2R
  Shuttle AK37GT/AK37GTR
  Shuttle AK38/AK38N
  Shuttle AK39/AK39N
  Shuttle AK45GT / AS45GTR
  Shuttle AN35 Ultra / AN35N Ultra
  Shuttle AN35-400 /AN35N-400
  Shuttle AN50R
  Shuttle AN51/R
  Shuttle AN51R
  Shuttle AS40GT/AS40GTR
  Shuttle AS40GT/AS40GTR v1.3
  Shuttle AS40R Motherboard
  Shuttle AS45R Motherboard
  Shuttle AT30
  Shuttle AT31
  Shuttle AV11
  Shuttle AV14
  Shuttle AV18
  Shuttle AV18E
  Shuttle AV18E V3.1
  Shuttle AV30
  Shuttle AV32
  Shuttle AV40/AV40R
  Shuttle AV40S
  Shuttle AV40S v3.1A (AV40SV3)
  Shuttle AV41
  Shuttle AV41
  Shuttle AV41 PLUS Motherboard (DDR)
  Shuttle AV41P
  Shuttle AV41PN
  Shuttle AV42
  Shuttle AV45GT/AV45GTR
  Shuttle AV45GT2/R
  Shuttle AV45R Motherboard
  Shuttle AV49/N
  Shuttle AV49P
  Shuttle AV49PN
  Shuttle AV49V / AV49V/N
  Shuttle AV61
  Shuttle AV64
  Shuttle D10 DVO (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle D10 DVO (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle D1000 DVO (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle D1000 DVO (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle D1416 XPC (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle D'VO SG33G5M Deluxe (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle D'VO SG33G5M Deluxe (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle FB52
  Shuttle FB61
  Shuttle FN41 Motherboard
  Shuttle FN45
  Shuttle FS40
  Shuttle FS50
  Shuttle FS51
  Shuttle G5 6800M (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6800M (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6800M (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6801M (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6801M (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6801M (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6810H (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle G5 6810H (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle H7 7800 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle H7 7800 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle H7 7800 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle H7 G4500 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle H7 G4500 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle H7 P4500W (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle H7 P4500W (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle Hot-591P
  Shuttle HOT-597
  Shuttle HOT-599
  Shuttle HOT-661P
  Shuttle HOT-661V
  Shuttle HOT-663
  Shuttle HOT-663V
  Shuttle HOT-681
  Shuttle HOT-681V
  Shuttle HOT-685
  Shuttle HOT-685V
  Shuttle HOT-687
  Shuttle HOT-687V
  Shuttle HOT-688V
  Shuttle K45 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle K45 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle K450V (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle K450V (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle K48 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle K48 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle K58
  Shuttle LinuXPC SD3002Q (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle LinuXPC SD3002Q (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle M2000 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle M2000 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle MB30
  Shuttle MB47N
  Shuttle MB48N
  Shuttle ME14
  Shuttle ME17
  Shuttle ME18
  Shuttle ME21
  Shuttle ME62
  Shuttle ME63
  Shuttle ME64
  Shuttle MK20
  Shuttle MK30
  Shuttle MK32N
  Shuttle MK35N
  Shuttle MK35V/N
  Shuttle MK40V
  Shuttle MK40VN
  Shuttle MN31L
  Shuttle MN31N
  Shuttle MS11
  Shuttle MS21
  Shuttle MS50
  Shuttle MS51
  Shuttle MS51/N
  Shuttle MS52N
  Shuttle MS52P / MS52PN v8.0
  Shuttle MS52P/N
  Shuttle MS52P/N V8.0
  Shuttle MT63
  Shuttle MV17
  Shuttle MV18
  Shuttle MV19
  Shuttle MV42/N
  Shuttle MV43/N
  Shuttle MV43P/N
  Shuttle MV43V / MV43VN v8.1a
  Shuttle MV43V/N
  Shuttle MV43V/N V8.1a
  Shuttle P2 3800 Desktop (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle P2 3800 Desktop (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle SA76G2 V2 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle SA76G2 V2 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle SA76G2 V2 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle SB51G
  Shuttle SB51G Neon
  Shuttle SB51GB
  Shuttle SB52G2
  Shuttle SB61G2
  Shuttle SB61G2BV3
  Shuttle SB61G2R - 20th Anniversary Special Edition
  Shuttle SB61G2V3
  Shuttle SB62G2
  Shuttle SB65G2
  Shuttle SB75G2
  Shuttle SB75S Desktop
  Shuttle SB75S Limited Edition
  Shuttle SB81P
  Shuttle SB83G5
  Shuttle SD30G2 PLUS Motherboard (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle SD30G2 PLUS Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle SG33G5
  Shuttle SG33G5M
  Shuttle SG33G5M Deluxe
  Shuttle SG41J1 Plus
  Shuttle SG45H7 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle SG45H7 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle SH55J2 (DDR3-1066MHz)
  Shuttle SH55J2 (DDR3-1333MHz)
  Shuttle SK41G
  Shuttle SK83G
  Shuttle SN41G2
  Shuttle SN41G2B
  Shuttle SN41G2BV2
  Shuttle SN41G2V2
  Shuttle SN45G
  Shuttle SN45GV2
  Shuttle SN85G4
  Shuttle SN85G4L
  Shuttle SN85G4LV2
  Shuttle SN85G4V2
  Shuttle SN95G5
  Shuttle SP35P2 Motherboard (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle SP35P2 Motherboard (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle SP35P2 PRO
  Shuttle SP45H7 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle SP45H7 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle SS40G
  Shuttle SS50
  Shuttle SS50C
  Shuttle SS51G
  Shuttle SS51G1(V2.0)
  Shuttle SS56G
  Shuttle SS56L Limited Edition
  Shuttle ST61G4
  Shuttle ST61G4B
  Shuttle ST61G4L
  Shuttle ST62K / ST62KS
  Shuttle SX48P2 Deluxe (DDR2-1600MHz)
  Shuttle SX48P2 Deluxe (DDR3-1066MHz)
  Shuttle SX48P2 E (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle SX48P2 E (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle SX58H7 (DDR3-1066MHz)
  Shuttle SX58H7 (DDR3-1333MHz)
  Shuttle SX58H7 (DDR3-1600MHz)
  Shuttle SY-P4VTE Motherboard
  Shuttle X27D
  Shuttle X50 Nettop
  Shuttle XPC Barebones SG41J1 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC Barebones SG41J1 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC Barebones SX58J3 (DDR3-1066MHz)
  Shuttle XPC Barebones SX58J3 (DDR3-1333MHz)
  Shuttle XPC Barebones SX58J3 (DDR3-1600MHz)
  Shuttle XPC D10 (DDR2-1066MHz)
  Shuttle XPC D10 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC D10 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC D1416 (DDR2-1066MHz)
  Shuttle XPC D1416 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC G 4300h
  Shuttle XPC G 5600B
  Shuttle XPC G2 2200
  Shuttle XPC G2 3000
  Shuttle XPC G2 3200
  Shuttle XPC G2 5800b
  Shuttle XPC G2 6100b
  Shuttle XPC G2 7600
  Shuttle XPC G2 7600G
  Shuttle XPC G2 7600P
  Shuttle XPC G4 6100m
  Shuttle XPC G4 8500g
  Shuttle XPC G4 8500GA
  Shuttle XPC G5 1100
  Shuttle XPC G5 2000m
  Shuttle XPC G5 2090
  Shuttle XPC G5 2095
  Shuttle XPC G5 3101M (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC G5 3101M (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC G5 3200
  Shuttle XPC G5 3300m
  Shuttle XPC G5 8300b
  Shuttle XPC G5 8300g
  Shuttle XPC G5 8300h
  Shuttle XPC G5 8300mc
  Shuttle XPC G5 8370m
  Shuttle XPC G5 9500g
  Shuttle XPC G5 9500m
  Shuttle XPC G5 9570g
  Shuttle XPC G5 9595
  Shuttle XPC Glamor SG31G2
  Shuttle XPC Glamor SG33G5 PRO
  Shuttle XPC Glamor SN68PTG5
  Shuttle XPC I 8600b
  Shuttle XPC J1 4100
  Shuttle XPC J1 4100G
  Shuttle XPC J1 4100P
  Shuttle XPC J3 5800G
  Shuttle XPC J3 5800P (DDR3-1066MHz)
  Shuttle XPC J3 5800P (DDR3-1333MHz)
  Shuttle XPC K 6200b
  Shuttle XPC K 6200h
  Shuttle XPC K 6200m
  Shuttle XPC K 6270b
  Shuttle XPC L 5600h
  Shuttle XPC Media Center
  Shuttle XPC Media Center M2000
  Shuttle XPC mini X 100B
  Shuttle XPC mini X 200
  Shuttle XPC mini X 200B (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC mini X 200B (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC mini X 200M (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC mini X 200M (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC P 2500
  Shuttle XPC P 2500g
  Shuttle XPC P 2590
  Shuttle XPC P 2600
  Shuttle XPC P 3100b
  Shuttle XPC P 8100G
  Shuttle XPC P 8100m
  Shuttle XPC P 9500g
  Shuttle XPC P2 3900G
  Shuttle XPC P2 3900W
  Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3800W
  Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800E (DDR3-1066MHz)
  Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800E (DDR3-1333MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SA76G2 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SA76G2 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SA76G2 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SB61G2V4
  Shuttle XPC SB77G5
  Shuttle XPC SB83G2B
  Shuttle XPC SB83G5C
  Shuttle XPC SB83G5M
  Shuttle XPC SB86i
  Shuttle XPC SB87G5
  Shuttle XPC SB95P
  Shuttle XPC SB95P V2
  Shuttle XPC SD01XD
  Shuttle XPC SD02XC
  Shuttle XPC SD02XD
  Shuttle XPC SD11G5
  Shuttle XPC SD30G2
  Shuttle XPC SD30G2B
  Shuttle XPC SD31P
  Shuttle XPC SD32G2
  Shuttle XPC SD36G5
  Shuttle XPC SD36G5M
  Shuttle XPC SD37P2
  Shuttle XPC SD37P2 V2
  Shuttle XPC SD39P2
  Shuttle XPC SG31G2 V2 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SG31G2 V2 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SG33G6 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SG33G6 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SG33G6 DELUXE
  Shuttle XPC SK21G
  Shuttle XPC SK22G2
  Shuttle XPC SK22G2 V2
  Shuttle XPC SK43G
  Shuttle XPC SN21G5
  Shuttle XPC SN25P
  Shuttle XPC SN26P
  Shuttle XPC SN27P2
  Shuttle XPC SN37P2
  Shuttle XPC SN41G2 V3
  Shuttle XPC SN45G V3
  Shuttle XPC SN68PTG6 Deluxe (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SN68PTG6 Deluxe (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SN68PTG6 Deluxe (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SN68SG2
  Shuttle XPC SN78SH7 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SN78SH7 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SN78SH7 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SN85G4 v3
  Shuttle XPC SN95G5 V3
  Shuttle XPC SN95G5V2
  Shuttle XPC SS21T
  Shuttle XPC SS30G2
  Shuttle XPC SS30G2
  Shuttle XPC SS30G2 SE
  Shuttle XPC SS30G2 SE
  Shuttle XPC SS31T
  Shuttle XPC SS31T (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SS31T (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC SS56G V2
  Shuttle XPC SS56GV3
  Shuttle XPC SS58G2
  Shuttle XPC SS59G
  Shuttle XPC SS59G v2
  Shuttle XPC ST20G5
  Shuttle XPC SX38P2 PRO
  Shuttle XPC T2100
  Shuttle XPC T2100 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC T2100 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X100
  Shuttle XPC X27 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X27 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X27 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X2700 (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X2700 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X2700 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XPC X50V2
  Shuttle XS29
  Shuttle XS29F (DDR2-533MHz)
  Shuttle XS29F (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XS35 (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XS35 (DDR2-800MHz)
  Shuttle XS35GT (DDR2-667MHz)
  Shuttle XS35GT (DDR2-800MHz)


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